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NWN, a company who helps customers solve business problems with proven, relevant IT solutions and services, wanted to produce a video communications piece that explained, in a fun and unique way, their Cloud Collaboration solution.



TMG was responsible for creating and producing a two-minute explainer video. This 2D animated, motion graphic video highlighted a fictional story based on common experience, as two different companies searched for a cloud collaboration solution for their business. The juxtaposition of the older way companies handle this compared with that of NWN is what drives the story. NWN works with customers to architect solutions for their specific IT needs.



The explainer video made its debut at the GalaxZ16 conference in Austin, Texas, and received a standing ovation from those attending. The video continues to be highlighted on their website’s Tools and Collaboration page. It has been used to great success as NWN expands its services and solutions to federal agencies and their departments.