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GoPro, the number one selling action camera manufacturer in the world, was self-producing live events from various office locations and then streaming them globally to all of their employees. However, the quality of the video, audio and overall presentation was well below CEO Nick Woodman’s standards. The production values of the shows were making them increasingly difficult to sit through for all involved across the company. GoPro began looking for an outside vendor to handle these live streaming events in hopes of upgrading the end result in order to deliver a valuable event to their employees.



TMG worked closely with GoPro’s internal IT and media department to re-imagine the structure of the live shows, while also greatly upgrading the hardware, software, production equipment that included broadcast and GoPro cameras, and quality of crew in order to exceed Nick’s high-standard vision.



Show number one was so successful on every level it literally saved the manager who hired TMG’s job. Employees reacted very favorably, commenting that the show was by far the best they’d seen. The executives, who had all but lost faith in these events, now were excited to participate in them. Nearly three years and twenty-four shows later, TMG continues to work with GoPro on a monthly basis, producing and managing live streaming events from all around the world.

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