Tucker Media Group

Experience matters.

We are a team of seasoned veterans of marketing, communications, advertising, video production animation and graphic design leveraging our skillset through a strong foundation of strategic planning and direction. The services we provide range from strategic planning to execution across a broad range of tactics that touch on virtually every medium.  From print to web, to video production and 3D animation, to tradeshow exhibits and support, to streaming live events globally. Regardless of scope, we work in partnership with our clients to fulfill their communication requirements with a focus on achieving strategic objectives.



Bill Tucker

Bill has more than 20 years’ experience in TV, film, video production, and strategic media planning. With 13 years in management and sales working for ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates, he’s worked closely with Ford, Toyota, GMC, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.  As founder of Tucker Media Group, Bill has developed an incredible team of professionals who share his commitment to consistently exceed client expectations.


Mike Anderson

Mike has more than 25 years’ experience as an award winning marketing professional working for clients that include Microsoft, Intel, NEC and many more.   Mike’s experience spans the spectrum of strategic marketing communications including public relations, advertising, website development, social media, and large-scale corporate events.  As director of strategy and communications, Mike is responsible for the development of business models and related strategic communications that drive our clients’ campaigns.


Andy Kreiser

Since 1993, Andy has managed and produced projects across a wide range of mediums including live global streaming productions, commercial, broadcast, industrial and live event production, 3D animated projects and interactive gaming. His clientele has included Discovery Channel, History Channel, MTV, NBC, MSNBC, ESPN, Nickelodeon, MLB, NFL, NHL, Lowes, US Airways, Papa Johns and Tostitos, among others. As Director of Production for Tucker Media Group, Andy manages all aspects of production from concept through the final edit.